GC Cleaning Services is proud to be partnered with CLEANING FOR A REASON, a non-profit working with professional cleaning companies to help women, men, and family's of children battling cancer throughout the U.S. 

Cancer diagnoses is difficult and that's why we donate house cleaning services to these brave souls in our community. 

To refer a friend or loved one for services, please contact

CLEANINGFORAREASON.ORG OR CALL 877-337-3348 OR me(Christina) 856-340-3313


​Hi! Welcome and thanks for inquiring about GC Cleaning Services.

Just a little bio about how I made it to HERE!

I started my cleaning journey at 17 years old, right out of high school. After seeing the impact my service had on the people I helped, I knew

 THIS was my calling. 

NOW, at 41 years(young) and after having 5 children, I started to come to the realization that an unnecessary

 amount people were suffering.

I heard TOO MANY stories of people stressing out over their cleaning service. That's where I decided to make a move, and help people that desperately needed to rid themselves of the SENSELESS HASSLE, that cleaning companies inflict.

In 2013, I started GC Cleaning Services, and since that day, made easing the pain of people I care for, my goal. 

The satisfaction I receive in CHANGING someones life because of doing what I love, is a feeling

 like no other!

No one should feel unease with their cleaning service. I strive to not only provide perfection in every task, but to train those I work with to love their jobs and customers, as much as they love 

their own family members.

 We take care of your home or projects as if it were our own! NOTHING LESS!

GET YOUR PRECIOUS TIME BACK, life is too short!

With Love,

Christina DeStefano